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What is iComplyICO?

iComplyICO is a platform for ICO/Token compliance that automates legal processes in order to legitimize ICOs as an emerging financial instrument and enable lawful secondary trading of these regulated digital assets.

Use the iComplyICO platform to streamline legal, due diligence, assurance and compliance procedures for issueing a token with any decentralized or blockchain protocol. SEC compliant options are available for accredited and non-accredited investors.

Use the ICO Compliance Dashboard as a single solution to manage a whitelist with global KYC (know your client), KYC suitability, AML (anti money laundering), ATF/CTF (anti/counter terrorism financing), sanctions, investor identity and document verification.

Secondary trading of a token without ongoing compliance is illegal in most countries. Stay compliant with the Prefacto Compliance Protocol, the world’s first blockchain protocol capable of ensuring compliance on the buy and the sell side of every transaction, in every jurisdiction globally.


Read the Whitepaper:

  • Analysis of global trends in ICO regulations
  • Recent case studies covering how major ICOs have dealt with compliance risk
  • A proposed framework to create quantitative compliance “guard rails” for ICO issuers
  • How prefacto compliance can programmatically enforce KYC, AML, ATF/CTF, and securities regulation for a token offering and on the buy and sell side of each decentralized secondary transaction globally.

A Trusted Platform…

Issue an ICO

Protect your investors, maintain records for regulator audits, and leverage the power of decentralization globally with a compliant inital coin offering. Supporting utlity, debt, and equity tokens using the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

Invest in ICOs

Register to invest in compliant Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) with enhanced due diligence and ID verification. The dawn of a new, more efficient financial instrument for all asset classes. Global coverage, including the US and Canada.

iComplyICO Compliance Score

A web app that filters logic to determine whether an ICO is a security. Based on the ‘Howey Test’. Can be used standalone for prospective customers, or as a landing for the rest of the platform.

Legal Process Automation

Automation of procedures to create compliant prospectuses, white papers, OM agreements and additional regulatory documentation. Automation of regulatory reporting and investor disclosures on a subscription basis.

KYC and Identity Verification

Potential to become the industry standard API that allows investors security and trust when investing in ICOs. Allows ICO issuers to trust in a standardized KYC and verification mechanism, as opposed to creating their own (liability consequences).

Accredited Investor Pools

A side effect of KYC and Identity Verification will be to create a database of vetted accredited investors. This can serve to facilitate private transactions which are subject to less onerous regulation.

A Global Shift in ICO Regulations…

“A platform for Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) compliance has the potential to bring more fairness and legality to the markets. There are unfortunately a lot of bad ICOs and unsavory deals going on behind the scenes. This platform could help to clean things up, unlocking a new frontier for the markets.”

– Bill Schumacher
Forming founding director (retired) of Citigroup Alternative Investments


Prefacto Compliance : A Regulator's Dream

High-speed transactions and immutability mean that blockchain transactions are confirmed and verified as they happen.

This iComplyICO Prefacto Compliance Protocol is a proprietary technology that allows for trade verification before, rather than after, the trade, ensuring potential issues are addressed before an immutable trade occurs. 


The Problem

Regulators are stretched thin, a fast-moving environment is tough to manage on a global, decentralized scale.


What Needs to Happen

The ability to charge for participation (from the regulatory lens); this is difficult in the current environment.

iComplyICO As a Solution

An automated platform that brings together the token ecosystem in a compliant way.


The Result!

Investor trust and security with a compliant, verified onboarding system.

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